Look Good or Stay Warm? Why not do Both?! Part 1

Look Good or Stay Warm? Why not do Both!? PART 1. (Top Half of Your Body)

Every year we know its coming, and every year it blindsides us. Yes its not here yet, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail. What are we talking about? Its the awful group project that we wait until the last minute to do, and then it punches us in the face, showing no signs of remorse. Harsh wind strikes everyone when they least expect it. If you are not prepared to fight back, then you’ll get knocked out faster than Kris Humphries from the Kardashian family.

A lot of people lock their style away during the colder months. We get it, its more important to feel good than to look good, especially in places where the wind is more destructive than a bull in a china shop. In a world full of choices, who says you have to limit yourself to just being warm, when you can look good as well? We’ve come with great news. No, we are not paying off your mortgage, we’ve got something even better. We’re going to teach you how to look good while staying warm.

Lets Dive In!

Layers are your best friend people. They add warmth, depth, and a vision to your ensemble. This blog will teach you some basics of layers as well as where to get high quality products for a good price.


Ole Mason Jar make shirts that are comfortable and durable. They are made with high quality fabric and special care, giving you more “bang for your buck.”

Also, a classic henley shirt like these from J.Crew give you comfort and warmth on days where you want to dress more casual.


A wool or cashmere sweater completes a successful aesthetic of your look. Brighten up your outfit with a printed sweater and you’ll get plenty of compliments. You can find good looking sweaters like this “Matinicus Rock Cardigan” from LL Bean .

Sports Coats

If an outfit is the orchestra, the sports coat is the conductor. A sports coat made of tweed or wool ties the outfit together while keeping you warm. Also don’t be afraid to throw on a pocket square to add something extra to the suit. At Corner Tailors, we have plenty of wool and tweed fabrics to choose from. Give our website a visit and we’ll be happy to measure you free of charge!

Jackets & Coats

When it comes to keeping warm in style, nothing is more important than the jacket. The graphic below, brought to you by Real Men Real Style, presents some jackets that are “fair game” during fall or winter time.

You can shop this casual look below at Jack Threads !

shop this casual look at Jack Threads

Who says you have to wear a sports coat to wear a tie? Love this look from thefashionisto.com!


The Beanie

As GQ says, “You know that factoid about how you lose half your body heat through your head? It’s a total lie, but who cares? A knit watch cap just looks rad.” We could not agree more GQ! A knit beanie or watch cap adds a little flare of fun to any outfit! You can find beanies like this one for $20 at Neff !

Scarves & Gloves

People often associate scarves with weakness, but that could not be further from the truth. Scarves add a sense of class and elegance that few accessories are able to claim. Throw on a scarf from scarves.net that compliments your outfit, and you’ll be staying classier than San Diego.

Gloves are for the days where putting your hands in your pockets just isn’t getting the job done! You can get great discounts on leather gloves from Leather Gloves Online


You CAN stay warm and look good, and it is not that hard on your schedule or your budget! Let us know what you think of this article and we hope it helps get you through the west of fall and winter!

Have any suggestions? Thoughts? Concerns? Want to just ask us a random question? Visit our website www.cornertailors.com and feel free to ask away! LOOK OUT for our next blog on what to wear on the bottom half of your body!

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Until Next Time,

The CT Team


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