Top 5 Interview Mistakes Millenials Make (Via Forbes)

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves are changing, the weather is crisp, and the pungent smell of pumpkin pie and cinnamon fill the air. Fall is also the time where most companies interview college upperclassmen for internships and full time jobs. This is why fall has unofficially been given the title of “interview season.” Since “Interview Season” is in full swing, we decided to write a blog in response to a Forbes Article on the top 5 mistakes millennials make in an interview.

The top 5 mistakes according to Forbes are as follows:

  1. Inappropriate Attire
  2. Questionable Social Media Content
  3. Don’t Know Enough About the Company
  4. Don’t Ask Enough Questions
  5. Overconfidence in Themselves

We addressed number 1 in one of our previous blogs on how to appropriately dress and now we will talk about the rest of the reasons.

Questionable Social Media Content. 

The Millennial generation lives on social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the biggest news sources for our generation and also the biggest online journals. Some people post very personal or unprofessional content on social media without thinking twice in order to get a rise out of their audience. Companies perceive this as a sign of immaturity and question the ability of the prospective employee to carry themselves in a professional manner when they are out on the job. Before your next interview make sure you clean up your social media so nothing comes back to bite you!

Don’t Know Enough About the Company

Has anyone ever came up to you and said hello and you can’t remember the person’s name or how you met them? Its pretty embarrassing right? This is how a company feels when they have given you an interview and you don’t know anything about the position you are being interview for or the company as a whole. Before your next interview make sure to look up the company’s mission statement, goals, and job description for the position you are interested in and it will make a good impression on the person sitting across the table from you .

Don’t Ask Enough Questions

Andrew Carnegie was one of the most successful men to have ever lived in America. He was able to build a net worth of $310 billion dollars (in today’s money) by leading the growth and development of Carnegie Steel. Carnegie credited his success by being able to win the right to be heard and his ability to manage and relate to other people. He says in the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” that asking good questions and showing interest in people really helps your ability to get them to like you and to be able to relate to them. This principle should be applied during an interview as well. Come with questions prepared about the company to show them that you are interested in the position and that you have actually thought about working for them in depth.

Overconfidence in Yourself

There is nothing wrong with confidence, but arrogance is a quick turnoff to prospective employers. If you are too arrogant it makes them doubt your ability to work in groups, an important factor in determining the type of employee you will be and if you will detract from the culture of the office. You can’t make everything about you, you have to show that you are a team player as well.

Until next time,

The CT Team



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