Mixing and Matching Suit Separates

Have you ever wanted to mix and match different suits? It adds a nice spin to your wardrobe and some much needed flexibility. As a general rule of thumb, you can match most suit jackets with a pair of khaki pants, but I am going to open your eyes to an endless buffet of mix and match. The best part about this buffet is that you don’t have to take pepto bismol after you’re finished.

Sorry about that, I’ll stick to talking about fashion.

When matching, make sure you don’t clash patterns or colors. If you’re not sure what patterns clash then just stick to solids. If the colors are both blue but don’t  would not suggestIf the suits don’t match up perfectly

Check out this graphic to make sure next time you change things up a bit people are looking at you for all of the right reasons.

Mix and Match

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