How To Take Care of Your Suit

If you came to this article in hopes of reading about birthday suits or law suits, you are out of luck. If you came to this article because you love life, money, pizza, looking good, and the pursuit of happiness than do I have a deal for you.

Taking care of your suit (clothing) benefits you in more ways than one. Think of your suit as a garden; the more attention you give it, the better it will look.

Proper care of your suit makes sense:

  1. It saves you money.
  2. It saves you time.
  3. Your suit will last longer.
  4. Your suit will look better.

Most people think that you should take your suit to the dry cleaners after 2 to 3 times of wearing it. FALSE. Dry cleaning does not beat Battlestar Gallactica and it sure as hell isn’t good for your clothing. (Free virtual pizza to the people who understood that reference.) Dry cleaning actually damages your fabric, you want to dry clean as little as possible.”Well if I don’t dry clean it as often what do I do?” Fortunately for you there are some solutions.

  1. Buy a lint brush

The lint brush can get any debris out of your suit that you have accumulated from weather or from food, think of it as giving your puppy a combover after it plays in the fall leaves. Your puppy loves a good brush and your suit will too.

2. Buy a Steamer

Steaming your suit gets wrinkles out AND it is much better for your suit than dry cleaning. Since the lanolin in the wool is antimicrobial, odor is not an issue.


For all those wondering, an anti-microbial is an agent that kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth. AKA- it kills stuff that is going to harm your suit naturally. (Think of it as an off-brand immune system.)
If you can’t imagine dry cleaning an animal, then don’t dry clean your suit. If you can’t find or don’t have a steam press, then find a hot shower or a steamer. Ten minutes of a good steam is like giving your car a new shine, and you won’t regret it after you see the results. Also, if you are lazy, just take your suit to the dry cleaner and tell them to steam and press it. If they give you a weird look, tell them Mitch sent you.

You can buy a suit steamer like this on eBay for only $77. (Average suit costs $8 to dry clean.)


3. Bags and Hangers

You don’t park your Maserati outside if you have a garage, so don’t “park” your suit without a bag. Also, DO NOT hang your suits on a wired hanger. This is HORRIBLE for the structure of your suits. As The Art of Manliness says “Wire hangers are useful when you lock your keys in your car – not in your closet.” The wire messes up the crease and seams in your shoulder structure, spend a little extra money on some wooden hangers and you won’t have to explain to your date why your shoulders look like pyramids. You can buy wooden suit hangers like these in a 5 pack on eBay for only $24. Suit Hangers.

suit hangers

That’s all I have today folks.

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