Standing Out From the Pack on NYE: Finding Your Inner Jay Gatsby.

New years parties, just like NBA basketball games, have become as much about what you wear to the event as what you do during it. Since the return of Gatsby in 2013, a subconscious craving to end your year drinking champagne and eating caviar while covered in velvet at a roof top party has taken the world by storm; or maybe thats just me.

Anyways, if any of that appeals to you this blog is meant for you and what you should wear on New Years; not to blend in like Tom Buchanan, but to stand out like Gatsby himself.


If you’re trying to be Gatsby, you can’t wear something completely off the wall, but you have to stretch your imagination to deter from being an ordinary gentleman. You’re going to do this by color, pattern, fabric,  or style.  Pair some of these together and you’ll stand out even more.

Here are my favorite suggestions for the season:

I. Color
A. Forrest Green:
It is the perfect color for the season and a bit different than your typical black but it still acts as a neutral because you can pair a variety of colors with it.
B. Cream:
The Dinner Jacket became famous around the time Gatsby would’ve been born, meaning that the famous bootlegger grew up alongside the dinner jacket. When you grow up with something it becomes a part of you which is why a classic dinner jacket is synonymous with the Gatsby style. The picture on the right is a jacket from Musika Frere with a wide shawl collar, one of my favorite designs for tuxedo jackets. You can find a similar jacket with a slightly different shade at Mens Usa.  
II. Pattern
If you chose a pattern, you can’t go wrong with black watch or tartan plaid. I love these patterns because you can combine all of the colors from the season into one item. It’s like a cookout milkshake with all your favorite flavors.
(Try peanut butter banana fudge with reeses next time by the way, its tasty AF.)
Pair your plaid jacket with black pants and black tuxedo loafers and you’ll be looking cooler than the other side of the pillow. You can get this jacket for a good price from Ralph Lauren in time for the big party.

III. Fabric
Velvet. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more velvet. You can’t pick a better fabric to stand out for a winter gala. If you’re not a fan of the green, Macy’s has other velvet blazer options for under $140.

IV. Style 
In terms of style, go big or go home. New years eve exists so that individuals can take a break from the ordinary. It’s a time to be mindful of the past while simultaneously thinking of ways to become a better version of yourself. Becoming a better version of yourself implies doing something a bit different. This is why I like double-breasted with a shawl collar or single button jackets with a shawl collar or peak lapel. Double-breasted is not your standard jacket, and I guarantee very few will be wearing it.

My favorite outfit of the entire season by Angel Ramos from Angel Bespoke.
Another classic jacket from Musika Frere.

V.  Completing the Look:
So you’ve picked out your jacket? Awesome, lets finish what you’ve started. The rest of the outfit is just as important as the jacket.

Based on my jacket suggestions, I am going to suggest you wear black pants. Tuxedo pants are easy to come by at pretty much any store. Just be sure of three things, no pleats, no cuffs, and make sure those puppies fit. Bonus for those of you that wear black velvet.

You can get any tuxedo shirt for under $60 like this one from Nordstrom. Pick up a pair of cuff links from Nordstrom or your local store as well. French cuffs add an elegant contrast to your sleeve and show that you pay attention to even the smallest details.

Solid black or black with polka dots. Like this solid bow tie from The Tie Bar or this polka dot tie from Bow-Selectie.  Oh, and make sure you add a white pocket square, you can find these on The Tie Bar as well.
Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 6.37.47 PM.pngpolka-dot-bow-tie

You don’t put Michelins on a Ferrari, so don’t wear jackass shoes when the rest of your ensemble is a Clydesdale. If it is a black tie affair, make sure the carpet matches the drape. If you want to stay subtle, get black shoes. My favorite shoes right now in terms of getting the best bang for your buck are either Jack Erwin or Mr. B’s from ALDO. Both are high quality and under $250.  No rubber soles either gentlemen, good sports wear leather or wood.

Want to compliment your forrest green or creme jacket? Check out Super Glamorous . They’re pricey, but if you can afford them you will make a major statement. These are some of my favorite shoes from them below.

You CAN standout while being classy, the two are not mutually exclusive. This is the trademark of the Gastby style and a necessary skill for the modern gentleman to master. Also remember that you get what you pay for. I gave a combination of affordable and expensive options based on what you would wear most. You’re probably only going to wear a tuxedo a couple of times a year so if you’re going for practicality, spend the most money on your dress shoes. If money is not a problem for you, than look for quality on all the items I mentioned.

At the end of the day, new years galas are about celebrating your past with your favorite people and presenting the best version of yourself to the people you hope to meet in the new year. So go be different, have a blast, and start your year off the Gatsby way; old sports.





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