Summer Wedding Style 2017

Yes, wedding season is well underway. No, it’s never too late to enhance your wedding style. Summer weddings are happy times and happy times call for happy threads. I am here to help you stand out from the pack for any type of summer wedding so that you can dress to impress without stress. (I used to have aspirations as a rapper, don’t hate on my random spurt of rhymes)

A. Fabric:
Cotton or Linen.
Summertime is hot, summer weddings are really hot; especially for the people who like to cut a rug. Cotton and Linen are breathable fabrics that are also lightweight. Linen is my favorite summer fabric because of the texture. Combining a Linen blazer with some sharp chinos will never go out of style. Don’t wear a thick wool. You will be hotter than two rats making woopie in a woolsock and the only dance you will get is with Aunt Lillian. (she will pounce on you)

B. Color:
Very simple. Embrace pastel colors, but avoid white on white, instead opting for shades of stone and cream (as pictured below). For shirts? White, light blue, or light pink.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 4.18.05 PM

C. Occasion:
I. Casual.
This is a button down with slacks or chinos. No need to explain any further. Also casual weddings aren’t fun. (sorry it’s true)

II. “Festive Attire” or “Dressy Casual”
For “festive” don a colorful blazer with chinos. Add a crisp dress shirt and a bold tie. (Be weird on the tie, but like 1st date kind of weird, not 7th date kind of weird.. If you don’t understand what I mean, then just do yourself a solid and go for a solid lol)
For “dressy casual”or “semi-formal” wear darker, more formal colors for an evening wedding. Opt for light colors for a daytime event. (Solid Examples below)
summer wedding insp2

III. Formal:
A navy (best option) or charcoal suit. If you attend a night wedding and a nice breeze is expected, don’t be afraid to put on a three-piece. You can take your jacket off when you dance and the vest covers up your sweat šŸ˜‰ ( helps keep Aunt Lillian away too)

JT 3 piece

IV. Black Tie:
Black tie summer is different than black in other seasons. You can bend the envelope a bit in terms of color. What u can’t bend is wearing a tuxedo. Wear a tux. A gentlemen wearing an amazing looking tux is like an eclipse; there’s only so many times in your life you will see it! For black tie you can always go classic with a jet-black tux; but my favorite summer options are cream or navy for the jacket. (If you like your suits like you like your women, go double-breasted, you’ll stand out a bit more.)



And for the finishing touches? AKA “Accessorizing”:
I. Glasses
If you attend an outdoor wedding, rock some glasses that turn heads. Black and brown are safe. Want to be subtle but different? Change the lense color. Want to stand out? Change the frame color.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.24.22 PM

A. Casual- Semi Casual- Dress Casual:
Put on some brown oxfords and some colorful socks. Red white and blue go great if you’re American.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.29.36 PM.png

B. Formal-Black Tie:
Patent Black Oxfords like these fromĀ Cole Haan,Ā Or if you’re more of a loafer guys check these beauties out fromĀ Super Glamorous.Ā 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thats pretty much it. Let me know if you have any questions. If you want any of these items I provide all of them except shoes ;). Stay lit, and most importantly stay away from Aunt Lillian.

Happy wedding season!



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