Winter 2018 Style Trends

First lets start with shoes.

Shoes are awesome and are pivotal wardrobe pieces. They can piece together an entire ensemble AND completely distract people from acknowledging anything you have to say. That’s why matching color and quality matters.

The quickest way to like an amateur is wearing a brown belt with black shoes and vice versa. If you don’t want to worry about matching your shoes and belt get side-adjusters on your pants instead of belt loops. You will never have to worry about matching your leather, and it’s a classy look that is always a conversation starter for people who appreciate details. side adjusters

When you’re buying new footwear, try to get shoes or boots that are good-year welted and avoid shoes that are made in China. Instead of going for wingtips which have been trendy for the past decade, try some classic Chelsea boots or whole cuts below which feature a patina finish.


For winter jackets, the past couple of years cardigans and bomber jackets have been catching most of the fashion worlds attention. This year if you want to stand out, go all in on the flight jacket. Nothing will keep you as warm and as cool. I prefer the black on black to be more subtle. Pair with a dark flannel or a turtle neck for a collected aesthetic.




Not a fan of the flight jacket? Go with a navy, black or charcoal overcoat with a bit of a pattern. Go with wider lapels on this jacket, something most custom clothiers can offer. Like simple colors but want to stand out? Go double-breasted on the jacket.



Suit patterns and colors that are in?

Forest Green and Chocolate Brown for color; Herringbone and Owls-Eye for pattern.

Green and Brown are both versatile colors because they can go with almost anything. The cool thing about both is how different they can look depending on the light. A forest green can appear navy or black in a dimly lit environment and then look beautiful during the day when paired with natural light. The same goes for brown and both colors go perfectly with white, blue, and lighter color dress shirts.

Herringbone is a classic pattern that most tailors claim as the most elegant and impressive weave. It’s appears very different depending on the lighting and angle. It can look like a solid from afar, and a showstopper up close. It’s clean lines and natural sheen are perfect for those looking for a “go-to” suit.

Owls-eye is a variation of a birds eye, just much larger. It is a bold pattern, best paired with simple colors so that the pattern and cut are doing all of the talking. The gentleman below is using it as a dinner jacket, paired with black pants and a turtle neck, which are perfect pieces to complement the ensemble.


When it comes to trends, remember that all come and go. It’s a good idea to get a couple of pieces every year, rather than all at once, so your wardrobe is always ready for a change.




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